You may have products or services that you do not want to handle in a changed marketplace. So, consider putting those parts of your business up for sale. (Do it carefully, confidentially, and with the right advisors.) You may not know who would be interested in buying the product group and the associated inventory. For someone with the right complementary product mix, your product group can be one of the keys to resurrecting their business.


When it comes to choosing a potential buyer, you want to sell the product group or service offering to someone who already knows it to avoid delay and to put cash in your pocket. The ideal buyer would be someone who has the ability to add your products to their existing operation. They can integrate and value the acquisition much more easily if they will only incur variable costs to add additional revenue If the new owner knows the market segment and what customers expect, it will it easier to negotiate an equitable price.


You want your cash out of the assets, but the potential margins the new owner can generate should control the asking price. It is best to get some professional valuation advice before you act. Understand you are selling a business unit not a collection of inventory assets. Price it that way!