Grilling is a quick preparation of food on a very strong direct fire in the complete absence of smoke.

Best flat top grill: How to make soft meat in the grilling process for your business?

The pieces of meat in the muscular parts of the animal’s body are tighter than those with more fat. The meat is stiffened by a clear protein that helps maintain muscle strength and connective tissue.

During best flat top grill slow cooking, meat enzymes are activated and begin to break down hard connective tissue, making the meat harder. This process continues until the temperature of the heated meat reaches 50 ° C. After that, the enzymes are deactivated.

At a temperature of about 60 ° C, the connective tissue begins to decrease, moisture begins to be released from the muscle fibers. But since the enzymes have partially broken the connective tissue and not much fluid is released, the meat remains juicy, but not too moist.

At higher temperatures, collagen, a component of decomposed connective tissue, begins to bind with water in the meat, turning it into gelatin. This continues until the temperature of the muscle fibers reaches 90 ° C. Then the muscle fibers will easily separate from each other. They will be covered with fat and gelatin, they will become tender, juicy and fragrant.

Best flat top grill differences and usage characteristics

Meat retention method. It is provided by a grill, which is located above the coals. It can be used not only for cooking meat but also for vegetables, fish in general and other foods. Thus, your culinary possibilities are flat top grill

Cooking temperature adjustment. This can be done by raising and lowering the grill. Many installations provide this mechanism.

Presence of top cover. It allows you to adjust the air supply during the cooking process. As a result, it turns out to be juicier and more fragrant.

Form. If the grill is a rectangular structure, then the grill can have different shapes. For example, round, oval.

Different types of models.  You can present the grill in the form of a structure very reminiscent of a stove. In addition, it can be in the form of a grill on wheels, which is not as difficult to use for your business. It is distinguished by versatility and is installed mainly on the street or near the pavilion.

Operational safety. The installation allows you to start a fire in any weather conditions. During the cooking process, a minimal amount of smoke is formed, which is good news.