You should put this new knowledge in place to gain solid footing for your future. Include it directly in your foundation and thrive plans. So, before you start planning, sit down and think through what business you should be in to survive and thrive in the next few years.  Let’s take another look at this question about what business should you be in today … and why!


Here is another broad industry example to set up the “repositioning” picture and burn it a little deeper into your mind. In normal times, every spring, the major cruise ship lines offer what are known as “repositioning cruises.” These are special, extended cruises that offer the vacation seeker a long cruise at a bargain price. These “repositioning cruises’ were not offered to attract customers but are part of the normal seasonal relocation of cruise ships so as to take advantage of better weather in different parts of the world.


So, before hurricane season hits in the Caribbean, the cruise lines reposition their ships to the Mediterranean where the weather is better, and demand is stronger. And when the weather in the Mediterranean gets cold, the ships are relocated back to the Caribbean.


Do you want to operate your business in a massive “market equivalent” of a hurricane or do you want to find the sunny weather?