Based on a survey, the following are the most important attributes for any government candidate in the Philippines.

  1. Good records of government service
  2. Record in helping fellowmen
  3. Trustworthiness
  4. Morals and values

Generally, trustworthiness together with morals and values are the most valued attributes of political candidates. This is regardless of their presidential preferences. And, to note, public service and helping others are highly justifiable. While trustworthy and having morals and values are based on the way voters look at each candidate.


In the Philippines, people look after someone that they trust. This means that trust, for Filipinos, is based on an established relationship out of moral and ethical aspects. Yet, this is something that comes with affinity, familiarity, and utilitarian ideas. With that said, we may conclude that trust is more on the relational side of things.

Once people trust the politicians, it means that the politician is someone who is familiar and helpful or useful to the people. In short, politicians gain trust because of their ability to help and make their jobs well.

Morals and Values

Voters also highly looked for candidates who have high morals and values. And this something that is in conjunction with trustworthiness.

Although, good political virtues can be created by political marketing, it is also important to vote for someone who possess virtues.

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