It is all a matter of strategic positioning—using assets in the best possible way. Seasonal repositioning was a normal part of the cruise business before the health scares that almost killed their businesses, so, can you imagine what types of discussion major cruise lines had to have when their businesses were shut down by the outbreak of a disease that was no fault of theirs … but stopped all customer activity?


The least of their concerns would be a potential hurricane that they might be able to steer around. They had to look at what amount of business revenue they could generate. What could they do to gain attention to what they offer and how do they convince customers to trust them? You must do the same thing! Fortunately, few businesses have this type of extreme business disruption for the length of time that the cruise industry must anticipate after a health scare. But the question remains.


How should you first define your business and then how can you effectively reposition it in a vastly changed marketplace? It is time to use “Repositioning” as your personal PASSPORT to SUCCESS. Every business owner must think about this and consider the benefits of repositioning their business to address directly or to create new market opportunities.