The holidays are fast approaching and this would mean buying gifts for the people you care about. If you’re going to purchase gifts for children, buying them a material item such as a toy is better than taking them to a theme park or gifting them other kinds of experiences. This is because, according to research, younger children are happier when they receive material gifts instead of experiential ones.

Research conducted at the University of Illinois Chicago revealed that children ages 3-5 are more inclined to appreciate tangible items compared to experiences. This is because the memory of a child at this isn’t completely developed, making it harder for them to understand, interpret as well as remember events such as shows and trips.

On the other hand, toys and other material items functions as tangible reminders that could provide a surge of happiness each time children interact with it. But, as children grow older, more joy and contentment is gained from experiences compare to material things since they can comprehend, take to mean and remember these experiences.

Remote Control Power Wheels – A Great Gift For Your Children

With that, one excellent gift you could give your children this holiday is remote control power wheels.

Power Wheels is a ride-on battery-operated toy vehicle brand designed for children ages one to seven. They are built with child-sized realistic features, wherein in some circumstances working features are present such as FM radios, hoods and doors that could be closed and opened, as well as reverse and forwards motion.

One of the best features that these remote control power wheels have is that the vehicle can be driven by the child by making use of the foot pedal controls and the steering wheel or can also be operated or controlled by the parent through a remote control system. As parents are able to control these ride-on toy vehicles, the safety of their children is ensured.

So, if you are starting your holiday shopping, consider getting a remote control power wheel for your child. This will surely make them extremely happy this holiday season.

The Global Market of Toys and Games

As mentioned, material items are best to give to younger children when it comes to gift giving, and toys are one of the options. In fact, it isn’t only children who enjoy toys. Even adults are drawn to certain toys, not to play with but as collectible items.

In 2020, the global market size of toys and games reached a value of $275.75 billion and this is figure is expected to increase at a CAGR of 5.0% from 2021 to 2028. This increase is due to the numerous reasons which includes the increased interest of parents in eco-friendly toys, awareness of the psychological benefits of certain games, and the resurgence or revival of conventional video games and toys.