Exercising your thinking on the financial side of this picture should help you as you work “on your business” to change it to meet new market challenges. Third, once you have a foundation plan in place, adopt a strategy to thrive over the next two to three years . This starts by preparing a strategic plan and a one-year business plan that fully exercises this identified strategy to foster growth in a fast-changing marketplace.


Suggestions on how to do this strategic planning in a shorter-than-traditional period will be presented by the management. Never Give Up Too many business owners look at mounting problems and get stalled in what is the worst possible mental place. There is almost always a path forward if you have the right mindset, the right people to help you, and something of value for your customers. It takes an oversized measure of determination and perseverance to keep moving. Search for the critical inputs to a workable plan and put your thinking cap on.


Once plans are in place, it is action and the maintenance of a positive attitude that will make the final difference. Don’t let fear and concerns about the unknown control your actions. Ask for the help you need. Plan effectively.