Many founders are currently looking for suitable business ideas in the digital space. The World Wide Web is particularly popular as the basis of one’s own company. On the one hand, this is due to the fact that even a small amount of equity is sufficient to start successfully as an entrepreneur. On the other hand, it is possible to reach a large target group directly with your own offer and hopefully inspire them.

The gambling world

In fact, the gaming market has changed significantly under the influence of digitization. In the meantime, it is no longer the classic arcades that serve as a contact point for players. Resourceful entrepreneurs began to shift their offers to the Internet about 20 years ago. Since then, it has been possible for players to access the content and start playing with just a few clicks. A single entrepreneur can no longer just reach customers in their own city, but even internationally.

On the other hand, you can characterize the Internet as a cost advantage here. Fewer rented areas and fewer employees offer online casinos the chance to grant their players higher payout ratios. A bonus is also sometimes included in the offers.

The field of sports betting was also caught up in digitization and offered founders a new line of business. While bets could previously only be placed using the state odds set, apart from a few betting shops, their scope changed very quickly afterwards. There are now a large number of online companies that offer the opportunity to get started.

The height of e-commerce

Many founders who are looking for a business idea on the Internet first focus on sales. In fact, e-commerce has been a surefire way to earn a steady income for the past several years. Many a seller has been able to delight thousands of customers on different platforms with the idea for the right product. While decades ago it would have been necessary to rent sales areas and storage areas for this purpose. You can now solve these supposed difficulties digitally.

The software developmentCampai

Software development like association software by Campai (vereinssoftware by Campai) has also benefited from the changes in the digital industry in recent years. It is no longer just large companies with extensive experience in the market that are able to address customers in a targeted manner. Instead, young entrepreneurs who know how to draw attention to their strengths keep coming onto the market. In the field of app development, in particular, it was possible to set new standards. This is not the least due to the ease of publishing the content that is possible on this platform.