For a limited time, a politically demanding client company is exciting and educational. Use youtube video download online if you want to know more about dealing with politics in your company.

Measures on how to master both content and political level

Accept Policy

The larger and more complex organizations are, the greater the influence of internal politics on upcoming decisions. Wherever people work, there are people. From day 1 of your engagement, you should accept the level and keep it on your radar. Realism beats naivety.

Carry out order clarification

As a consultant called in, you don’t have to solve every problem. If there is a political crunch in the organization, you don’t care, as long as your project is not slowed down. Carry out an order clarification in which you define results, goals, scope and risks. If it turns out differently politically, you refer to the agreed assignment.

Continuously support stakeholders

Do a stakeholder analysis right from the start. Who has what influence? Who is motivated to what extent? Seek constant dialogue and approach people. The stakeholder analysis, the onion model and the goal diagram of the consulting method case support you in this ongoing task.

Play with open cards

The majority of customers value it when you, as an external person, share your perception of the political situation. Openly ask the customer whether all the actors involved have been picked up and whether important key players are sitting at the table. Uncover political stumbling blocks and traps that slow down your joint project. And state the implications for the success of the project. Packed diplomatically, this is an added value for every client.

Switch customers

Cover-your-ass mentality. Hidden agendas. Camp formation. Competitive thinking. Elbow mentality. If the political dimension takes up too much space for you, then you still have an option: change customers. Sometimes a break or a transition to another area in the company is enough. In that case, you’re in luck. Otherwise, it is worth leaving and turning to customers who focus on work content.

Politics belongs to any company.  In some companies it is stronger, in others it is weaker. But it can be dealt with with the right measures.