Focus on things that might help the business provide better services, and so on. If the business is easily movable and your current lease is nearly up, make a move now to obtain favorable lease terms. Or, perhaps you have too much space. Try to convince the landlord to take it back, revise the lease, and deduct the rent currently due. Your objectives are to ask for help to survive and to optimize the space needed to thrive.


Operating space expenses have a direct bearing on your cash flow break- even point. Lowering these expenses will improve the foundation building picture and buy you time to implement your thrive change plans. Insurance Check into your medical and other insurance coverages. The cost is going nowhere but up; however, many insurers offer money-saving options. For example, a higher deductible may greatly reduce your premiums.


Economically distressed periods are good opportunities to take a look at all your insurance programs, to reduce costs, lower your cash flow break-even point, and to better match the coverage with risks you have. Put your insurance agents to work for you. Vendors Talk to your largest suppliers. Maybe they are willing to give you a better break on price or terms now that they see you as a survivor.