It’s not bad to make a mistake because a mistake is always an opportunity to develop further and to learn from it. Mistakes can help you develop tested and tried strategies and become successful in the wholesale lashes business.

Starting lashes business mistake 1: You are not orientating yourself to increased customer demand

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A standstill can endanger your business. If you always offer the same treatments without paying attention to whether they are booked at all, your beauty business will end up on a decline. If you continue to offer treatments that are hardly in demand, you will not have much success.

Even if you add new treatments to your program without doing a market analysis, you run the risk of getting little demand for them. You should always analyze which treatments are currently in demand and which customers are in great demand. Remind yourself who should buy your listing: your customers. Thus, orient yourself to their wishes.

Starting lashes business mistake 2: You think too short term

This is one of the biggest mistakes many make when starting their own business. This is especially true for a business with lash lifting and eyebrow lamination. Because these treatments need practice and good preparation so that you can really start as an expert in your field and make your customers happy with your services and treatments. You want them to come back to you again and again and that you can build up a large number of regular customers. Practice creates masters. One of the biggest mistakes many people make early in the beauty business is that they approach everything very quickly. Unfortunately, they forget that good quality simply takes time.

If you are starting your own business, you should also invest enough time to deal with the topics of founding and building a company.

Starting lashes business mistake 3: You’re not posting good pictures

Posting good, beautiful photos is extremely important so that you look professional and get your customers’ attention. They should look at your other pictures, follow you and finally make an appointment with you. You don’t want to scare them off with bad pictures so that they leave your account in a hurry and never come back.