The gaming business is a growth market worth billions. The fashion industry wants to benefit from this too. Now designer brands want to cooperate with two video games. But a look back at the past shows that in-game marketing is by no means a new phenomenon.

Buying rust video games

Computer and video games can now be reserved on data carriers in stores, online or digitally on platforms such as PlayStation Network, Xbox Live, Nintendo e-Shop, Steam or Origin before they go on sale. And gamers are betting on the coveted game no matter whether with or without a deposit to have on the display on the day of publication. sell rust skinsBy the way, they also hope to be able to dust off pre-order bonuses such as beta access or game items, which are often reserved for limited “Day One Editions”. Players want to sell rust skins in order to buy other video games.

Unfortunately, it is often the case that the versions later offered for sale in the trade lag behind the announcement of the game makers at the fair. This is in terms of graphic design and technical finesse and is not available in the form presented. If you are hot for the new games and order them blindly, you should check the terms of the deal carefully beforehand in order to avoid disappointment. Especially if there are costs involved in pre-ordering. In case of doubt, gamers should be patient and wait for the official release and find out more about the standard of the new games in Lets Play streams, online magazines or forums.

Scepticism before the joy of playing rust video games is appropriate

Gamers should check the benefits of the supposedly exclusive pre-order bonuses beforehand. Even the supposedly limited “Day-One-Editions” mutate into slackers and are often offered weeks or even months after the start of sales in stores or online shops.

Anyone who orders a new game can often cancel the pre-order up to the start of sales or shipping because a binding contract is only valid when the goods are published or shipped. This withdrawal is particularly recommended if a lot of time has passed between the game announcement and real gameplay or the price of the game is only known on the day of publication, but not yet when pre-ordered.