“Lower Saxony needs to keep the car in good condition. Our hope is that the vehicle like the Honda SUV models will contain as much local value as possible.” Stephan Weil, Lower Saxony. Prime Minister Weil has set this clear goal for participants in the Digital Conference of the Lower Saxony Automotive Industry Strategy Dialogue held in Hanover today.

With the support of the State Prime Minister and the Ministry of Economy, Strategic Dialogue 2019 began with IG Metall and the employers’ organization Niedersachsen Metall, and DAX Group Volkswagen AG and Continental AG. Since then, working with universities, associations, and corporate experts in the automotive industry to determine future trends in the industry has been undertaken in three “innovator rounds”. Results and already specific projects have been discussed with industry experts today.

Structural Changes

Overview From the perspective of the mobility transition and focus on electric vehicles, according to Arsasman, the state is adjacent to federal funding for the infrastructure of charging stations, especially by advising the municipality. A state program on electric vehicles with 20 million euros from the Corona Special Fund. This means that € 60 million is currently available to promote the company’s private charging infrastructure in Lower Saxony, remodel the state’s private car and expand the authorities’ charging infrastructure.

Transforming Hundreds of Thousands of Employees

These aspects of the strategic dialogue are also very important for the future profession of employees in the automotive industry, IG Metall Lower Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt. District Director Thorsten Gröger emphasized. : “It’s not only in Lower Saxony as a car location but about hundreds of thousands of direct jobs and indirect environments. Changes need to be ecological, but especially social. I have. “To deal with change, we need to mobilize a fair amount of money from companies and politics.

Change must be comprehensive: Promoting transformation platforms and qualification projects

Large companies and companies usually, On the other hand, small and medium-sized enterprises often have great uncertainties about mastering their transformation. “That’s why technical foresight is part of the transformation platform. We are working to urgently promote further ideas from strategic dialogue, such as gender, “continuing members. For example, the funding project “Veränderungs Macher * in” developed in a strategic dialogue should be actively emphasized. “This means we can train our in-house multipliers to be proactive in supporting the change process,” Gröger is convinced. So-called conversion guidelines are also a wise approach.