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Would you like to make money through your virtual world? Here, we bring you the article that helps you how to earn on Roblox just by playing Roblox scary games. To find out, keep reading it here.

Making money with Roblox What is Roblox?

Roblox is a video game and a platform to create your personalized virtual worlds with settings and characters of your choice.

It was conceived 7 years ago by David Baszucki and consists of a platform with the Roblox Lua language, generated by modifying the Lua language created for it. It is made for personal PCs with the “closed environment” version.

In the year 2,019, this platform had an estimated 100 million monthly players and five million video game creators, who are 8 years and older. Roblox was created to protect all of its users, especially those under the age of 13, and activates a child protection alert with a censorship protocol for them.

What is Roblox Studio?

It is a free program offered by Roblox to build a parallel world with places made of stones with different shapes, colors, and construction tools, as well as a library of the manufacturer’s models and writings.

This platform offers events, which give its users virtual objects in exchange for fulfilling missions, they can be sponsored by brands.

In 2016, Roblox saw the need to make changes to the format because players generated different profiles or let others enter their game because they were given 1 coin called Tix for each visit.

By being able to create their worlds, Roblox includes an endless number of games, including the most popular ones: Piggy, Adopt me!, Meep City, Jailbreak, Mad City, Epic Minigames, Natural Disaster Survival, Welcome to Bloxburg, and Arsenal.

Can I monetize Roblox?

Today, there are endless high-quality video games created to satisfy the entertainment of Niños, adolescents, and adults, but the main feature of Roblox is that it is not only a video game but also a social platform that allows users to develop and share their own game, making them entrepreneurs.

This virtual world offers characters with similar aspects to Legos, which are very striking for all its users since the themes cover all kinds of genres.

One of the most popular games on this platform is Jailbreak, created by bad and asimo3089, released in the year 2,017, whoever enters this game will have the task of freeing himself from prison and from the police or guards who want to catch them, the creators have won during that year about 3 million dollars.

How do you make money with Roblox?

To make money by creating a video game on Roblox, all you need to do is create a profile on the page and develop your video game in an original and personalized way with your objectives and laws, for this the platform provides you with endless video tutorials that allow you to help you create it.

When it’s done, it’s shared by the platform in the AppStore, where all people can enter and test it. If it’s approved, you’ll need to convince users to use their Robux in your world, which will immediately generate revenue.

Remember that even though you provide all the facilities to make these video games, you should take the time to make them, as well as effort, dedication, planning, and creativity.

If you want to know how to block the games on the PS4, enter the link and find out how you can do it properly.


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What is Robux?

Roblox has its currency called Robux, with which the company has earned more than 90% of its income. With this currency, you can sell and buy or access various tools that will help you to get ahead in this.

The creators of the games are the ones who set the prices for their creations and their components. It should also be borne in mind that the said amount may be a part of its failure or success because if the user is forced to pay everything, he will not play, therefore, caution should be exercised with the value we use.

How can we get this coin?

There are two ways to obtain Robux on the Roblox platform, by earning or buying them, in the case of premium members they receive a gift in the currency.

On the other hand, membership accounts can sell clothes or charge fees to visit certain sites and make a certain profit from them. Please note that Robux is not obtained for free and there is no generator of it, only through the platform.

Basic Tricks to Play Roblox

Remember that it’s a video game platform with the ability to create your worlds no matter how old you are, so some of these games may not be to your liking or they’re just not finished, so you have to respect all the games.

Enjoy all the games

When you enter, you can customize your character and see all the games and levels created, which is why it’s better to observe how it works and then select the level and finally the maps of the communities.


In general, the levels are free, but there are some in which small installments have to be canceled to be able to play them, which is why we recommend that you carefully read the description of the levels you want to play to avoid having to pay. real money.


Once you enter the selected level, you need to select the right equipment for it, they will allow you to have weapons, musical instruments, objects, transportation, power-ups, tools, and skills.

Apply your inventory

While playing, you should not pick up any object that you encounter along the way, as you will need it at some point in the game. Therefore, we recommend that you enter your equipment, order, and inventory all these objects to easily locate them.

Collect the medals

If you have visited your world, you earn medals to have more confidence from the players, these are worth more than the coins in the level.