E-bike riders are fitter, happier, and less inclined to use their vehicle, a new study from Gocycle has discovered.

The company surveyed owners of its own fast-folding Gocycle GX version and found that 62 percent have utilized their car since owning the bicycle, with 27% saying they’ve reduced their yearly automobile mileage by 25-50 miles.

Owners reported their perfect trip length in their bicycle would be five to ten kilometers (39 percent), highlighting the number of e-bikes for urban riders that are returning to function as lockdown as facilitates, with 68 percent of UK journeys being below five kilometers. Gocycle GX owners also reported enhanced health and health since possessing their bicycle. 59 percent of owners think that the bicycle has had an obvious effect on their own fitness while 49% said that their overall awareness of health and health has improved a good deal during possession.

Gocycle is advocating the UK Government to change onto the wellness advantages that e-bikes attract and admit their essential function in ensuring that the Prime Minister’s proclamation of some ‘golden era of biking’ is really a long-term reality rather than a one-season wonder. The organization has witnessed a four-time growth in demand because of its GX version in the previous six months in metropolitan areas around the Earth, using a substantial spike in London, as more people understand that the advantages of e-bikes to get a much healthier and wider commute.


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Richard Thorpe, Gocycle founder and designer, stated: “This study highlights the massive chance to create our urban places fitter and more sustainable areas from the long term. Most bikes that are purchased wind up at the drop following a year — e-bikes are distinct. You do not need to be matched to ride ten kilometers per hour However, after riding an e-bike for a month or two, your wellbeing and health will enhance.

“Transitioning from an automobile to a bicycle isn’t simple. Going out of an automobile to an e-bike is — together with e-assistance eliminating lots of the intimidating elements of biking — concerns concerning fitness degrees, headwinds, hills, or coming to work sweaty and hot. We’ve got a once in a generation chance to produce positive permanent adjustments to our metropolitan locations as well as our authorities must grab this chance and endorse electric bicycles as likely the very most effective all-round alternate to automobiles, trains, buses, along with also the underground”

Steve Garidis, executive manager of the BA, added: “We should not consider e-bikes as ‘enhanced bikes’, but also as highly effective ‘light electrical vehicles’ effective at moving people and products to get a substantial part of normal journeys. They do not lead to congestion or pollution, and they are great for our well-being.

“That is the reason why we are calling for the authorities to excite the market with this wonderful tech with purchase incentives for e-bikes like those currently available for electric automobiles.”

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