Whether on the computer, via app on the smartphone or on the game console, in online games, so-called in-game purchases have established themselves as a business model. Games via app on mobile devices are also referred to as in-app purchases.

The principle is common. Players are repeatedly presented with paid extensions during the game. Especially in free games, in-game purchases are aggressively marketed because the games are financed through them. But even in paid titles, added in-game purchases are can become more and more common. If you want to unlock additional game content, get better or rarer avatar equipment or reach higher levels, you have to pay real money in the game’s own shop.


Cost brakes: Tips for dealing with video game business or in-game purchases

Here are a few tips to ensure that in-app and in-game purchases do not turn into expensive traps.

If possible, check before playing or installing whether in-game purchases are absolutely necessary to progress. In addition to the information on the game websites, ratings from other users can also help. For instance, eloboostleague offers cheats that can improve your gaming experience. However, you have to check all the solutions on the website and select the best option for you.

Even if you don’t invest real money in games, you may be able to give away a lot of your information. Therefore, before downloading and installing, pay attention to which authorizations and data the respective provider requires for which purpose.

Use prepaid vouchers (credit card as with a prepaid contract) and do not save any payment methods in the in-game shops or app stores.

Prevent accidental in-app purchases. You can also protect purchase processes with a password or deactivate them completely. The operating systems go different ways. With iOS from Apple, you can completely disable in-app purchases.

You can have expensive special phone numbers or SMS blocked for mobile devices by your mobile phone provider.

A third-party lock protects against unwanted purchases being processed via the monthly mobile phone bill.

You can also restrict in-game purchases for computer or console games. You can often secure transactions with a password or create a guest profile for children and young people that prevents paid in-game purchases.